Crossing the Ohio

The Ohio River has inadvertently wound its way through John and my spur-of-the-moment adventures this last week.

Memorial Day weekend, we decided we were overdue for some time away together, so we went west and spent a day wandering through Southern Illinois. Our friends recommended Cave In Rock, Illinois, so that’s where we began our adventure.

We had a beautiful picnic lunch (including salad from my garden!) on the bluffs over the Ohio River and then explored the aforementioned cave in the rock. Then we took the ferry boat across the Ohio to Kentucky–which was one of the real highlights of the day. It provided a unique perspective on the big river. There wasn’t much to see in Kentucky, so we turned around pretty quickly and took the ferry back to Illinois. Both times, we ended up at the front of the boat with a great view. I was impressed that even farm implements take the ferry. After that, we went to Garden of the Gods and enjoyed the views before heading for a nice dinner in New Harmony, Indiana and then home. It was a very pleasant day (click any photo below for a larger view).

Then last weekend John and I traveled east: back to Northern Kentucky where John had been a pastor before we moved back to Evansville. The occasion was the ordination of one of the young men from John’s former church, which was a wonderful event. After the ordination, John and I enjoyed an impromptu evening together in Northern Kentucky. We briefly went into Cincinnati and walked around Eden Park within sight of the river (and not far from our old apartment in Cinci). Then we had dinner in Covington and made another noteworthy trek across the Ohio River–this time across the Roebling suspension bridge at sunset. It was a great evening, though we’ll have to visit the Cincinnati area again soon because there are so many more people and old haunts we’d love to see again.

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