I Grew Corn!

Over the 4th of July weekend, I finally had a chance to put my feet up and watch the corn grow.



Knee high by the 4th of July? Well, it turns out that my “Jade Blue” heirloom corn never gets taller than knee high and is now ready to harvest.  With 2″-4″ long ears, it’s a fun novelty. It’s beautiful, tasty, and fun to eat…but not very filling.


The cucumber and melons have grown to epic heights. I’ve been enjoying the calligraphy of their tendrils for a while now.

I picked the first melon this weekend. John and I decided it tasted good. Because of the small space I have available, I’m limited to varieties that can climb a trellis and have small fruits. I was surprised at how quickly the fruit had gone from being a little knot on the vine to being ready to harvest. The second variety of melon is still ripening. That plant is loaded with fruit.

And there are other summer harvests just around the corner. The first tomato and the first blackberries are just ripening now.




And we’ve reached raccoon #20! And on that note, here’s a photo of my concrete raccoon with a baby lizard on its butt.


2 thoughts on “I Grew Corn!

    • Yikes! I knew raccoons might like it, but they didn’t touch it, either. I guess both they and the squirrels were smarter than me and knew the ears were too small to bother with.

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