In Contrast

Sometimes it’s a challenge to capture with a camera what your eyes are telling you. You see a beautiful moment. A beautiful combination of shapes or colors. Contrasts. Something marvelous and unique. Something touching. Something odd.

But when you try to capture it with a camera, the result looks flat. It may be an exact replica of what is sitting in front of you, but it’s not what is really there. Your eyes and your brain interpret in ways that the camera does not.

So there I was, trying to photograph a very cool new tomato and it just wasn’t working. The golden flecks, the blue shoulders, the bronze streaks. It didn’t translate. So then I turned on the fancy high contrast camera setting and, pop! there it was in all its glory.

It looked so good that I decided to point my camera at other things in my garden, even though I don’t normally do extra camera settings of digital editing. Here’s the result. Click through for a slide show.


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