Up North

John and I are just back from a vacation in Northern Michigan. It’s been too long since we were up there last. We had plenty of time to explore favorite haunts and go on new adventures. We also spent plenty of time reading in the solitude of the cottage under big trees near Crooked Lake. This time we had a fuzzy tag-along: we brought our cat who is elderly and in need of thrice weekly fluid treatments. Surprisingly, he seemed to enjoy himself and adjusted to a new window to look out of every day.



On our first day, we stopped at a farmer’s market on the top of a hill. The vegetables were beautiful and there were several things that I love but just can’t find in Southern Indiana: apricots and red raspberries.

Flower Field on a hill

delicious veggies

There’s a wonderful bike trail near our cottage that’s been finished since our last trip. It’s on an old rail line that cuts through forests and meadows and skirts two lakes on its way to Petoskey. One day we biked to Petoskey and another day we walked to Alanson where there are the best donuts ever at the Dutch Oven Bakery.

In Alanson, there’s also a great little boardwalk on an island. You reach it on a small ferryboat that’s guided by an underwater cable and powered by a wheel that one rider turns by hand.

ferry boat

Crooked River


And one day John and I went to the shores of Lake Michigan.

Followed by a trip to a fantastic garden on the grounds of the Three Pines Studio in Cross Village. The studio sells locally made art, including some garden art. There was an artist’s statement in the garden: “As the greenery grows and surrounds the glass, the art becomes part of the living floral setting, blending the brilliant colors of both the flowers and the glass. Gentle breezes often make the flowers sway and lend kinetic motion to the hanging glass as the birds and butterflies flit in and out.”

I was so envious of the garden. (Click on an image below to enlarge it. Flip through the slide show and see if you see all the faces!)

And then John and I walked through the forest to a bog. The guide book said that carnivorous plants lived in the bog. We didn’t see any of them, but we did find that it was full of wild blueberries! Joy!

We were sad to leave Crooked Lake.


Crooked Lake at night

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