Late Summer Harvests and Art!

During our Michigan vacation, I enjoyed shopping for a little garden art. I chose a glass globe from the amazing Gallery Garden that John and I visited, and now it’s joined the orange twist by my hydrangea. And some enameled flowers and a butterfly from another gallery are in the succulent pond with the turtle (hopefully a raccoon doesn’t steal them). And a big wind spinner on the top of my blackberry trellis (it was 25% off, so hopefully that doesn’t mean that it only works 25% of the time).

orange glass

enamel ornaments

the full effect

wind spinner

I also planted a small garden gnome that my friend Jane left in my mailbox at work and said was a gift from the universe. It’s kind of ugly, but is pretty good as a gift from the universe.

Gnomey Gift from the Universe

And the snails have been adding their own ornamentation to my concrete raccoon. I loved the warty look.

Wart Eye

Raccoon Warts

little snail

Meanwhile, my garden produce is looking a little downtrodden by the heat. The tomatoes are a little crispy around the edges and so many have cracked open this year. I’ve got ripe tomatoes, beans, and tomatillos. It’s also the time of year when I really start to notice bugs everywhere. There are cicada shells on the undersides of the mint, a praying mantis by the back gate, huge spider webs popping up everywhere, and tobacco hornworm on my tomatoes.

And the clematis on the fence bloomed, proving that autumn is not far away. It looked wonderful twined behind the sting of bells that hangs above the purple chair.




5 thoughts on “Late Summer Harvests and Art!

  1. Amy, your garden photos are a feast for the eyes and brought smiles to my face (especially the gnome and “warty” raccoon 🙂

  2. Yes, I’m laughing, too! What a joy to read your text and view your photos, Amy! I love the garden art, the flowers, and the vegetables. This is my favorite way to experience a garden–through your presentation!

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