I’ve been searching for some appropriately festive inspiration in my garden, but this Christmas inspiration has evaded me. Our weather has been exceptionally drab and dreary as the world leans into the longest nights of the year. It’s brown and rainy and soggy. John and I didn’t get our usual Christmas tree from the strip mine land. Our friends decided not to go this year and John’s work schedule prevented the two of us from going by ourselves. I’ve missed having a tree.

winter leaves

However, the season hasn’t been without its highlights. The hawks have returned to the neighborhood for the winter, and John and I watched one land in the magnolia just outside our kitchen window. My cat received an early Christmas present: this week the dreary weather was just warm enough for me to let him sit at the open back door and survey his kingdom. He was very excited and did not think it was dreary at all. And I’ve had a chance to make a little art. You can check it out over on my art website.

And so my garden will wait for the seasons to turn once more and for the green to emerge from the brown.

foggy winter garden

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