Sky Born Winter Colors

Plants that are dormant or dead. No snow. No ice.

My seed order has arrived and the packets are tucked away for at least another month. It will be even more time before the abundant goldfinches at my feeders begin to add color to their feathers.

My garden is quiet, and it’s been a challenge to find something new or interesting to share.

But I’ve noticed the sunrises and sunsets have been particularly beautiful. The thin, cold air and the lack of color from the trees highlight the skies. Frosty sunrises I catch while eating breakfast with my cat. However, I’ve seen the most brilliant sunsets without my camera while I’ve been driving across the city.

January Sunrise

Moon setting over the electrical grid


New Years Grab Bag

Sunsets over New York during a recent visit with family…Garrison Train Station

Old Cat Rock Road

New York woodlands

And my annual garden in review. I take photos of my garden roughly every week of the year and find it interesting to see the seasons progress and the garden change.

The left side…

And the right side…