Spring: Yeah, It’s Happening.

Spring is undeniably in the air. The first brave crocuses opened at the beginning of February, but were quickly pummeled by the snow. Now, the reinforcements have arrived and are covering the lawn with bright colors and attracting plenty of honeybees. The yard is coming back to life!

The garlic is beginning to rise from beneath its leaf mulch blanket. I’m glad to see it doing well.


This weekend was beautiful, and I planted lettuces in my raised bed. While doing so, I enjoyed the sedums growing along the edge of the bed.



The hellebores have popped up within the last few days and are blooming happily. Their blooms are always so welcome at this time of year. I need to plant more!


And I discovered the first signs of other plants–the ones that will reign over my garden during the summer months. They’re there: emerging just above the soil, deciding that perhaps it is just warm enough now.



3 thoughts on “Spring: Yeah, It’s Happening.

  1. Yes, indeed, fantastic shots! So fantastic that I felt like touching the screen, especially to feel the sedums! (Before today, I didn’t even know the word “sedums.”)

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