The Garden Unfurls

Things are emerging from the ground at a very rapid pace. It’s amazing to me how quickly the space is transforming itself. Here’s what it looked like about a week and a half ago:

April 9, 2015

And then a week later:

April 17, 2015

Suddenly the world is blooming and growing (click on any photo to find out a little more about what you’re seeing):

Of particular note is the wonderful way that the ferns seem to crawl out of the earth, unfurl, and expand:

And water droplets on hostas are always beautiful:

5 thoughts on “The Garden Unfurls

  1. Amy, we love seeing the garden come to life! You are such a master gardener! And extremely valuable in making the most of a tiny space! Is there a “tiny garden” to go with the “tiny house” movement?

  2. I looked at this again; one view isn’t enough! Also, the title is wonderful. “Unfurls” is unexpected but exactly right!

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