The Season’s Feast Begins

I have a very small garden, but it can still pump out way more produce than John and I can possibly eat. Already this summer I’ve treated my friends to salad after salad at potlucks and gatherings. I’ve made pots and pots of spring soup with sausage, cream, and any kind of green that was growing in excess. And yet the arugula, cilantro, and greens are still growing so fast they’re going to seed. The garlic is almost ready and the first tomatoes aren’t far off.

Meanwhile, my favorite fruits will be coming into season in quick succession. Cherries are ripe now, blueberries are imminent, and then there will be lodi apples and peaches. I’ll be traveling for the next couple weeks, so I’m worried I won’t be able to get enough of the good stuff stored up in my freezer for the winter! There is so much to harvest, so much to cook, and so much to eat!

cherries so fresh they haven't lost their shine

strawberry cherry pie

I’ve created a new piece of garden art. It’s inspired by some that I’ve seen online. I love the piles of kitsch and glitter. I realized that I could make my own and decided to put it in a corner of the garden where it can add color all year long. It’s made from odds and ends, a metal vegetable steamer, Mardi Gras beads, rally bells from an Evansville Otters baseball game, and a suet feeder that the woodpeckers didn’t seem to like.

new garden art

I’ve discovered some tiny leaves unfurling from the fig trees that I thought were dead, and that the tunnel of blackberry leaves is inviting.

tiny fig

green blackberry tunnel

My cat has enjoyed watching it all and even got to feel the earth under his paws when he “escaped” for some supervised time in the great big outdoors.

Shamoo enjoying the view

Shamoo outdoors

And I’ve begun on a new and ambitious garden art piece that will probably take me all summer. Can you see what’s different in the photo below?

the new color

I’ve been eyeing the back yard for a few years and wondering what additional art I could add. I thought perhaps a mural on the little shed, but I like the way its dark brown is a nice canvas on which to showcase the plants. Finally I realized that I’ve been pretending that the ugly grey of the metal fence doesn’t exist. I knew it would be perfect for some art. Phase one is to paint it all yellow (after sanding and priming–argh!). Phase two will be to add some more colors. I love it already!

yellow wall

paint spatter on the hostas

My newest plants are blooming at the front of the house. I’m enjoying seeing them for the first time. As an added bonus, they should do a good job attracting butterflies, which is the theme for the summer at Patchwork where I work.

There is yarrow:



coneflower "Julia"



And coreopsis:


And that’s not all! Here’s just a sampling of the other things happening around my garden in the last couple weeks:



4 thoughts on “The Season’s Feast Begins

  1. Fantastic, Amy! Thanks very much! I never have enough words to do justice to your blog (words and photos)! And I loved the photos of Shamoo! I was surprised to see him outside!

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