Torrents in Summer

Finally it has stopped raining and maybe I can get further into my garden tomorrow for a little maintenance. We’ve had over 12″ of rain in the last 4 weeks. I’ve got gangly, overgrown masses of tomatoes in one place and dead tomato plants in another. I’ve got vines and weedy plants growing unchecked. I’ve got questionable corn and kohlrabi that never really formed good bulbs. I’ve got great sunflowers that are crowding my peppers. I jumped into my kinda-still-damp garden as soon as I got home from my art residency, so I’ve just barely gotten my garlic harvested and my beans planted.

That’s the definition of summer in my garden.




Meanwhile here are a bunch of bees and flower blooms (click on any photo to enlarge it)…

And other things from around my garden…

My favorite fruits are ripening so fast I can’t keep up. I picked almost 50 pounds of blueberries a couple weekends ago. I’ve got a giant bag of ripening plums to cut and freeze. And I haven’t even gotten to the peaches yet.

My big disappointment was buying two bags of what I thought were lodi apples to turn into sauce. They weren’t. All I got was some sad non-sauce. Boo.

clearly these were not lodi

And then there’s my new ugly raccoon art object from my friend Jane. It’s truly hideous. Maybe hideous enough to scare actual raccoons away.



I put it in the kitchen next to the adorable raccoons I was given by other friends last summer. Maybe enough raccoon talismans and the real raccoons will stay away…


Or maybe not…




5 thoughts on “Torrents in Summer

  1. A delight, as always, to view and read your blog, Amy!

    When you have time, will you tell me the name of the plant that has pinkish-red veins? (It’s on the right side–near the end.) My mother had a plant like that when I was a child. Thanks.

    • I think the plant you’re wondering about is a caladium, Laura. I’ve got them planted among the irises and this year they came up particularly well. They’re shield-shaped and they come in different combinations of pink, red, white, and green. They provide some nice color at this time of year.

    • We’re kind of afraid to find out! Hopefully it was raccoon reconnaissance and not evidence that they moved in. We haven’t seen any more signs of them this year. Three or four years ago we discovered that they’d moved into our basement. We’ve trapped and released 20 since then.

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