Great Guerrilla Art

Two or three weeks ago, odd items began appearing in an empty lot I pass on my walk to work. A smiling face on a post. A bamboo pole anchored in concrete.

They weren’t just appearing randomly. No. They were appearing on the concrete sculpture pads that had been poured a few years ago for sculptures competing for $25,000 prizes (mentioned previously).

Then things started getting REALLY interesting. The odd post and bits of driftwood coalesced into a full blown sculpture. A wonderful, quirky sculpture that I loved.

A 12

A 13

And then a second full sculpture appeared.

B 11

B 07

And the next time I passed by, the parts had moved around and multiplied.

B 19

And looked amazing against the sky.

B 17

And a third sculpture appeared.

C 01

And rearranged itself within a few hours.

C 56

I heard through the grapevine that people were asking the organizer of the big fancy sculpture competition if she knew who was making these sculptures.

But she had no idea.

Someone asked the Arts Council if they knew who was making the sculptures, but no one there knew, either.

I went out to take photos because they’re awesome and because I wanted to make note of their construction. (You know, something like this would look FANTASTIC in my garden!)

I looked further down the block where I knew another sculpture pad is located, and there was another fun sculpture. This one had been augmented by the cicadas.

D 26

And on the way home there was another sculpture. It photographed beautifully.

E 02

A few days later, another sculpture popped up by sculpture #3.

F 01

F 02

F 05

And then there was only one sculpture pad left.

A concrete barrel appeared.

It sat alone for two days.

It wasn’t very interesting.

And then a new sculpture blossomed from it.

G 01

With a note.

G 03

UPDATE: Ha! I was thrown for a loop when the note above appeared. I’d thought I saw someone working on the sculptures one Sunday afternoon and I thought I recognized who it was. It was someone no one would expect. Someone no one knows. Someone unknown among artists in Evansville, and that’s why it was SO GREAT. It was only by luck that I knew who this particular person is.

But then this note gave another address, not one where the person I thought I saw lives.

WELL, I found out that I was right all along! The mystery person’s wife was apparently out of town and he was bored. Mystery solved!

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