Pause: Changing Seasons

The last of my garden’s produce is slowly ripening, but the leaves have yet to fall from the trees, so the pace of gardening in my back yard has slowed.

full garden in October

The food items in my garden include a few tomatoes, drying cow peas and lima beans, basil, and some okra.

final tomatoes

I tried planting some lettuce, but it hasn’t been too quick to grow, so I’m not sure if I’ll have one last salad or not. At least it makes a nice setting for my little gnome!

gnome farmer

The vines are growing like there’s no tomorrow (and with frost starting to appear in the forecast, maybe they know what’s coming). The cow peas, cypress vine, tomatoes, and morning glories are a mass of green.

cow pea, morning glory mass

cypress vine


I finally cleaned the dirt off my garlic that’s been drying inside for a while. There were four varieties, and I sampled them before using plenty in this year’s big batch of pesto.

Garlic notes to self: All varieties tasted good, but the German Red purple-stripe hardneck was super hot and spicy raw. It formed nice sized bulbs, though, along with the other hardneck, which was a porcelain type. The silverskin softneck formed small bulbs and small cloves, though it was also in the shadiest part of the garden. All will make tasty food this winter.

garlic 2015

In other news, my cat turned 18! For his birthday, we got out the heated cat bed. He still enjoys viewing the back yard every morning, though he’s back to being angry with John and I for turning down the thermostat outdoors.


I have also acquired another great piece of art for my garden. It came from the Funk in the City art sale on Haynie’s Corner. I’m still looking for the perfect place to put it in my garden. By the way, here’s a tip: you can’t casually walk around with a life-sized, concrete arm. People tend to notice and comment! They also tend to smile.

new arm

And speaking of art, I haven’t gotten a chance to write about my big, summer-long painting project. I’d been looking around my garden for a place to add more art, and I realized that my mind was always looking past the large, gray metal fence on one side of the yard. It wasn’t anything in particular to look at–just a backdrop.

So I started thinking. I pondered colors and decided the base should be yellow. It took me all summer, but by mid-August it was finally all yellow.

yellow wall

In that time, I had several different plans for what to paint over the yellow, but I’m not sure if it really needs anything. Many of my Facebook friends agreed with that, as well. Especially when the tree’s shadows fall on the wall, it seems as if it doesn’t need much more.

wall with shadows

I decided that perhaps subtle was the way to go, so I got three different shades of yellow to use to mimic the tree’s shadows. The initial painting still seemed too bold…

shadows with shadows

painted shadows

So I toned it down with a wash of the base color over the top. I’m not sure what I think about it now, so I’m letting it be for a while. We’ll see what I think when painting temperatures return in the spring.


3 thoughts on “Pause: Changing Seasons

  1. What a wonderful way to start my day, Amy! These images will stay with me–the plants, the fence, the gnome, the concrete arm, and Shamoo! (Happy Birthday, Shamoo!) All of this–not only the arm–made me smile!


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