Autumn Arrives in My Back Yard and Farther Afield

I’ve been enjoying autumn falling across my back yard. Nice things are happening.

First, I was so happy to see toad lily blooms. I’d been sure that they were going to be casualties of the city’s herbicide campaign, but there are still several of the beautiful flowers gracing the back corner of my garden.


blue toad lily

There’s also a lovely, viney mass of plants in a wonderful autumn rainbow of greens, yellows, reds, oranges, and browns. My yellow wall looks good with the yellow maple leaves.

My cat continues to insist on viewing his domain every morning. He doesn’t believe me that it’s getting colder outside. He thinks John and I should do something about that. Now.

And this weekend I finally cleared a section of my garden in order to plant garlic. I’d hoped that the plants that had been growing there would have been killed off by now, but they’ve been tenacious. There were a few tomatoes and some marigolds that simply were not quitting. A collected the marigold blossoms that I could and brought them inside to enjoy for a few more days. And now the garlic is in the ground!

I’ve also taken a couple walks around the Evansville area to enjoy the fall colors. I’ve found plenty of beautiful trees. I’ve underestimated Evansville’s beauty. I think I need to get out into the area parks more! There’s a lot to see.

2 thoughts on “Autumn Arrives in My Back Yard and Farther Afield

  1. I enjoyed these autumn photos! And I always like to see Shamoo in your photos! Thanks for sharing your garden (and Evansville) and Shamoo.

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