A Very Green Christmas to You!

The…umm…Christmas crocuses are popping up everywhere. Yes, it’s been more than a little warm lately.

Christmas crocuses

Though other things are attempting to stick to the regularly scheduled winter activities. Last week I woke up to find a large presence on the cable wires along the alley: the hawks are back for the winter and are scoping out my bird feeder.


The hosta leaves continue to sculpt themselves in beautiful ways as they dry, and the blackberry leaves’ colors continue to shift.


hosta 2

hosta 3


John and I spent Christmas morning together. We had a fantastic Northern Michigan breakfast: French toast made with amazing cinnamon bread from the Dutch Oven Bakery in Alanson, Michigan topped with Bourbon Barrel aged maple syrup from Maple Moon Sugarbush near Petosky, Michigan. We got both this summer during our vacation, and they were a great pairing.


And as a way of reviewing 2015: a year of Shamoo looking at the garden from a window (yes, he is still alive). He insists on having us set a chair at the back screen door so he can look out of it. When it’s warm enough, we let him. When it’s too cold, he gets angry that we haven’t adjusted the exterior thermostat to match his desires.

I was amazed to be putting his chair into position just this week, which made me think of looking through my photos to create this series. January 2015-December 2015 are represented below. May and November are missing not because he didn’t sit at the back door but because I failed to take photos of him then.


3 thoughts on “A Very Green Christmas to You!

  1. Great photos of your garden and your breakfast–AND ESPECIALLY THE SERIES ON SHAMOO! Thanks, thanks! I wish I could print them. I can relate to him–looking out the window from an inside warm spot. Happy Christmas to you, John, and Shamoo!

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