Odds and Ends to Start the Year

I figured I’d better post my accumulated photos before I accumulated too many more! There’s no real theme in my garden for the start of 2016. The year started with some days still warm enough for Shamoo to enjoy the view from the back door. The old man still enjoys the sun and outdoor smells.

Shamoo starts 2016


I was also out and about in the neighborhood and saw that there was a new piece of art by the “Mystery Artist” in Haynie’s Corner. I’d heard rumors that the artist was working on some giant bells in his back yard and had been interested to see what they would be like. I spotted them on New Year’s:

Take it all in

And more of the details. There’s a whole lot to take in. Try to spot Bob. I really want him.

And more ACTUAL art in the Arts District: one of our neighbors sculpted this piece from a dead tree trunk that was located in his side yard. It’s the same guy with the giant dragonfly and sculpted cats in front of his house. One day it was a 30′ tall tree stump. Then next day it was this:

tree man

And then last weekend it snowed:

One thought on “Odds and Ends to Start the Year

  1. I enjoyed the variety in the photos, Amy! That includes photos of Shamoo, of course! That’s always a plus for me!

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