RAWR!! It’s a Bobcat! Critters in the Garden.

I’ve gotten behind in my garden postings…or summer is flying ahead of me.

My harvests have moved into the early summer sorts of things. I dug up my garlic a couple weeks ago and planted a variety of beans and cow peas in its place. The seeds are beautiful in their variations. The plants sprang out of the ground with just a little extra water.

I also harvested some carrots.  They haven’t done well for me in the past, so I’d given up on them, but then I got a pack for Christmas and the promise of multi-colored carrots was too much for me. I thought they hadn’t amounted to much, but on closer examination there were a few there. The pinkish-orangey one was particularly tasty.

My own tomatoes are still in the early stages, so I’ve had to get some from the farmer’s market. Still they taste great in a sandwich. Today’s lunch was a fried egg, fresh mozzarella, and tomatoes on locally-made cheddar broccoli bread with an avocado/cilantro sauce.

I followed that with several handfuls of blueberries. I’ve been picking them for the past three weekends. Maybe I’ve got enough in the freezer now to get me through next winter.

Elsewhere around the garden, the hostas are blooming and things are generally looking good. Suddenly my elderly cat Shamoo has (for some reason) gotten it into his head that he needs to go outside and walk around, not just observe from a perch in the back door. Someone has to stay with him because, let’s face it, he has no survival skills. He’s happy, though.

And speaking of critters, we’ve had even more in our live traps. We’ve been concerned that they have a renewed interest in possibly living in our house, so we’ve been motivated to move them along. Unfortunately that has included a whole adorable family of raccoons.

I found an old, beat-up marble in my garden, so I gave it to my concrete raccoon. I also dried my alum blooms and then spray painted them. I liked the way that they made the concrete raccoon look like he’d been to a wild party. I also like the way the ugly garden gnome behind him looks aggravated and irritated by his presence.

Also sort of related to little critters, I’ve got the coolest plant blooming indoors. It’s an orchid that I picked up at a Master Gardener Plant Sale a couple years ago. It’s name was listed as “Bobcat” from the Wildcat series.

Huh, I wondered. How does this resemble a bobcat?

Now I’ve got my answer and it’s really neat.

The flowers look like they have little cat muzzles at their hearts, complete with rows of white teeth and little cat noses. Every time I walk by it makes me smile.

And in other generally pretty blooms, the garden I started last year at the side of the house is happily blooming with abandon. I’d filled it with plants I knew would spread, so it’s not really a surprise that things over there are kind of wild. There are a couple things (like the black hollyhock that fell over in the wind) that really are too big, but I’ll let it go for a little more before I pull anything out.

8 thoughts on “RAWR!! It’s a Bobcat! Critters in the Garden.

  1. The descriptions, the pics, Shamoo, it’s all to fantastic for words. I love the black hollyhock and the other flowers. The beans are cool too And your sandwich OMG! Where did you get the bread? The whole blog is just yummy.

    On Mon, 4 Jul 2016 3:20 pm Squirrels and Tomatoes wrote:

    > Amy Rich posted: “I’ve gotten behind in my garden postings…or summer is > flying ahead of me. My harvests have moved into the early summer sorts of > things. I dug up my garlic a couple weeks ago and planted a variety of > beans and cow peas in its place. The seeds are beau” >

  2. What a feast–the photos and the text! Thanks for placing this in front of us, Amy! And the photos of Shamoo! Glad he ventured outside; maybe I should follow him. How long did he stay outside?

    I always look at your blogs more than once; I certainly will do so this time.

    • Thanks, Laura. Shamoo stayed out for 10 minutes, maybe. It felt like a while because I felt like I needed to stay close by to make sure he didn’t do anything silly. I forgot to mention in the post, but it was funny that all the birds made their “cat alert” calls to make sure they all knew a killer was loose–even though he couldn’t hurt a fly.

    • Probably not. He killed a few mice in his younger days and I think he has thought of himself as a great hunter, even if I know he would have been a bad hunter.

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