Up North

John and I are recently returned from an absolutely fantastic, picture perfect vacation with family in Northern Michigan. The weather was stunning, and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect time with my family. No one was missing, not even my cat.

Above is a series of my nature photos taken during the vacation. Each is labeled with the location, if you’re curious. You can click on any one to get a closer look and a slideshow. We went fishing, we swam in the lake near my family’s cottage, we swam in Lake Michigan, we toured a family-owned sugar bush, we went hiking, we saw an artful garden, we went to Tahquamenon Falls, and we saw other sights.

My cat wasn’t excited about having to share a cottage with children, but he was happy to be on vacation with his people and didn’t mind the road trip.

me and my cat

Less than a week after we left Michigan my aunt died suddenly and unexpectedly. She had the cottage next to ours, and this summer there had been a lot of traffic across the peaceful space between the two cottages. The morning that we left for home, it had struck me how beautiful that little space was and I made a photo of it. I’m thankful for that glimpse of a memory of that time and place.

my aunt's cottage


9 thoughts on “Up North

  1. Thanks, Amy. What a fantastic collection of photos, including the one of you and Shamoo! And it’s wonderful that you have a photo of your aunt’s place. Sorry about her death.

  2. The surf and pebbles – so many colors and textures blended; thank you for posting all – what you capture inspires –

    • Thanks! It’s been a strange summer for tomatoes. Mine haven’t done particularly well, but there is still time (I hope). Several green ones now, but I happened to get more of the larger varieties that the squirrels like, so I’m hoping they don’t sample them before I do!

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