Note to Self

At the end of June, the Southwestern Indiana Master Gardeners hosted their biannual garden tour. Fifteen gardens (14 private gardens plus the Master Gardeners’ display garden) were open to the public. I was glad to be able to go this year. It’s always fun to see what other people come up with and to get ideas from them.  I don’t go to be critical–after all, it’s nice of people to open their personal spaces up to the rambling, judgmental hordes. However, I can’t help but think my own garden is at least as good as at least some of the gardens and I don’t have professionals to do the tough stuff for me! In fact, I decided to start this blog 6 years ago after that year’s garden tours made me think I had something worth sharing.

This year’s tour included some great garden views…

It also included some interesting plants.  There was one little garden full of really interesting miniature hostas (I always love the clever variety names!). There was also a garden that was predominantly day lilies. They’re kind of sprawl-ly for anywhere in my garden, but that garden definitely made me look at them more favorably than I had before…

There were also some nice vegetable support ideas…

My favorite garden surrounded a house built to conserve energy and had the most garden art of all of them. It also had chickens and a long, artistic fence enclosing them. There was a children’s play area above the chicken’s house. And the chickens had a green roof on their house. And many exotic-looking plants. Overall, I really enjoyed the feel of the place.

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