Hey, Bro! Quit wrecking my plants!

First there’s this:

And that was in the shade.

My little weather guy dresses in layers and takes them off as the weather gets progressively warmer. I’m pretty sure that he would have taken off his swim trunks at this point if he could have.

As a result of the super hot weather and drought, I’m watering my garden like crazy. That makes the birds love me. While in theory I’m happy about providing nice bird habitat, the juvenile robins, sparrows, starlings, grackles, and cardinals are driving me nuts. They party all day in the sprinkler spray and then dig around in all the wet earth looking for easy food? more moisture?

Whatever it is, all I get is trashed plants. It’s pretty annoying, especially when it’s a bunch of plants in the little rock garden I just created.

Over the years, I’ve pulled so many bricks out of my yard and garden. Since early on I’ve piled them up in a couple places. A couple weeks ago I partially dismantled one little wall I’d built and I added more bricks that I’d had waiting for a project somewhere else.

The old brick pile was slug heaven. Here are just a few…

I made several pockets in the bricks that can hold plants. Then I indulged in a trip to the plant nursery to get some fun little plants to tuck between the bricks. I rearranged the archeological bits of art that I’ve pulled out of the garden over the years, and voila!

It always looks so good right after you finish and before the plants realize what’s happened to them and that they really don’t like their new location. It also looks so good before the juvenile delinquent  birds start to pick apart all the vaguely worm-like bits of plant. Sigh.

I’m so happy with my little blackberry patch. I’ve gotten some nice bowl-fulls of berries. I also found the mythical beast lurking at the very center of the bush–an enormous berry that was perfectly ripe and oh so sweet. Needless to say, it didn’t make it into my bowl.

There are also the beautiful plums from Patchwork’s tree.

And I just made a pie with the last of my fresh blueberries.

My garden has had some unusual visitors lately as well. A couple weeks ago I went to check my garden after work and saw a lime green flash in one of the Rose of Sharon trees: someone’s pet bird gone rogue.

We also added a third possum to our backyard wildlife trapping count. This one came out of our basement. Not terribly charming, but I prefer it to the raccoons.