April 2021: The Greening Returns

I’m a little later than I’d like in putting together my review of all the things that happened in my garden in April. Part of the problem was that I had a lot of photos to sort through. All month, plants were growing, expanding, and blooming. I’d catch a great color combination or combination of leaf textures one morning, and then by the evening the colors would have shifted or the shapes would have changed and it was a whole new and beautiful thing to see.

At the start of the month, the green had definitely begun to return to my garden. March had seen the emergence of all kinds of plants and several rounds of early blooms, so April was marked by a lot of expansion among my perennials and the later spring blooms. You’ll see that happening in the set of photos below. As always, you can click on any photo for a caption with more information about what you’re looking at.

The month started with unfurling ferns of all sorts, plus fritillaries, tulips, tiarellas, grape hyacinths, my later daffodils, and epimedium. When everything is so small and delicate, I imagine lots of fairies stopping by. For vegetables, I’d started a few tomato seeds indoors at the end of March and I had some lettuce outdoors that I’d tried to get going last fall. The lettuce didn’t do much until this spring, but I cut at least three rounds of salads off of it before cutting it down in May and starting some fresh greens.

The redbud tree our front put on its usual show all month. I love its progression from buds to full blooms that make the branches look zig-zaggy then the emerging, heart-shaped leaves changing to full-sized hearts. By the end of the month the perennials had expanded to fill their usual spots and the irises and azaleas were blooming.

Like I said before, April is always a very pretty month with many changes and lots to see!